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Brand Interpretation

Fashion: it is not only the fashion and novelty of product, but also the personalized, fashionable and novel environment presents a new appearance to people; we shall lead the fashion trend, select the top-quality commodity, keep a zero distance with the fashion, and let the fashion spread over our life.

Top-quality: We are striving to obtain the best product, best brand, best management and best team. Our 800+ franchised outlets spreading over the country of China and our 200+ franchised outlets on the international markets are supplying the hot and popular products to customers. The direct supply of our more than 1,000 suppliers is the guarantee of benefit, the chain management experience for more than 10 years is worthy of your trust, and our elite team is the massy backup force to our franchised stores.

Extraordinariness: the extraordinary taste makes us successfully integrate more than 10 kinds of product categories and more than 5,000 commodities; our more than 20,000 sq. meters dispatching warehouse space and additional warehouse of our direct suppliers are capable of providing various and tremendous commodities to customers.

Brand: the mature mode is the guarantee of product quality; the high cost performance is the core principle of our orientation, the high-quality service is the important support to brand, and the specialty, profession and single-minded attitude is the guarantee to win.


Brand Story

In MINIGOOD, you will experience the simple design, top-quality material, clean color and pure connotation. We uphold to bring the sense of beauty to ”easy to use” via industrial design. MINIGOOD recognizes a mode of creation returning to thing itself and restoring to thing essence maximally. After removing ostentatious quality, a plain and nature feature will present, so the design should make the life full of joy. Aiming at simplifying and restoring to thing essence, we think everything in the world should exist with its natural face, without ostentatious quality, affectation, but with plain and natural quality.

MINIGOODs enriches our lives with a wide range of products at reasonable prices. It is like a compass, pointing to the "basic" and " natural" directions by providing simple and natural products.

Brand Development History